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25 Alramstraße
München, BY, 81371




WHY "Do Work You Love":

An average person spends 90.000 hrs of his life working.
Every second person is dissatisfied with his job.
We want to change that.
Not someday. Now.
With Do Work You Love.
Enabling people to find & do work they love.
In this way we wanna make our world more meaningful, joyful, productive, efficient and cheerful.

HOW we approach:

Coaching / Training / Education for individuals, teams and companies. Therefor we focus on raising self awareness, gaining new perspectives on life & work, thinking out oft he box and dreaming big, team dynimics, best practice instead of fancy words & theories & models.

Leadership/ „You go first“ attitude: „Be the change you wish to see in the world“ – Gandhi. Spreading this attitude in our team, network and beyond.

Role models & Mentoring: The best way to grow is to learn from people, who have already acheived what you wanna acheive. So, instead of visiting the next seminar (your number 38 for the last couple of years?) and buying the next theoretical book, you could ask somebody – a role model – for advice and sharing his experince with you.

Build Community: because people have always been social and they‘ll always be. „Social“ - not in terms of facebook, twitter or snapchat activities but in terms of being part of a crowd with common interest, values and goals, being surrounded by like-minded people who help you grow – with tips, contacts, skills, experience, accountability.

WHAT we do in particular:

Enabling people & companies (in terms of fulfillment, motivation & success @work)
·      Coaching
·      Workshops, Seminars
·      Events

Facilitate public Events
·      Vernissage
·      Do Work You Love Breakfast meet ups in Munich and Augsburg

Create a network of
·      People, who want to find & do what they love
·      Role models (people, who do what they love)
·      People & tools & organizations, who enable others to find & do what they love


Both online and offline.

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