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Munich 81371



Since the start of Do Work You Love in summer 2015 we've enabled thousands of people to get closer to finding and doing work that they love. That we've be doing by connecting individuals and businesses, organizing 9 DoWorkYouLove*vernissages, more than 25 WeLoveMondays*breakfasts, workshops & talks, coaching, consulting as well as projects with our highly-valued partners such as Google, Microsoft, Freeletics, Burda etc.
Our activities take place mostly in Munich and online. Other German cities are yet to come – stay tuned or reach out if you are interested in what we're up to. 


You ask yourself what we can do for YOU?

hear what other people do that makes them happy and successful

get ideas about your "dream job", discuss those ideas and execute them – with people from the community (relevant peers, experts, advisors, partners, employers, employees)

For that you can visit: 






use DoWorkYouLove Canvas for planing 1) who you want to be in future 2) vision of your future life 3) what kind of work suits those 4) plan how to get there 

visit our webinars and learn from experts on different of aspects on finding & doing work you love 


connect with like-minded people, role models, partners & companies

at our events (WeLoveMondays*breakfast | DoWorkYouLove*vernissage | DoWorkYouLove*workshop)

as well as in Do Work You Love Club on Facebook

be part of a Do Work You Love Mastermind Group


meet potential employers and co-founders

at our events (WeLoveMondays*breakfast | DoWorkYouLove*vernissage | DoWorkYouLove*workshop)

as well as in Do Work You Love Club on Facebook


meet us at other events such as herCARREER Bits&Pretzels Expat in the City